Building Services Consulting Engineers Cyprus


Reducing energy consumption is of vital concern in all building and construction projects. From small private residences to spacious corporate office, all buildings need energy systems that offer improved design, construction and operation. Lower energy usage results in lower running costs for buildings and can create significant long-term benefits for the environment.

Responding to the demands of our clients for competitive energy use and management solutions, we use our combined experience and expertise in HVAC, refrigeration, lighting, power and controls to provide leading – edge energy systems and designs.

Whether an existing building requires an audit for improved operation and maintenance planning or a new build project needs to meet the demands of building regulations, we can offer practical advice and design input.

We are able to assist our clients to save energy and money by:

  • Energy auditing of any facility
  • Identifying all energy systems and evaluating their condition
  • Analyzing the impact of improvements to those systems
  • Writing up an energy report
  • Suggesting no-cost changes where feasible and low-cost changes for reduction of energy consumption
  • Designing renewable energy systems (i.e solar air / water heating, photovoltaic systems, etc)